source code structure and 'start recording' function


I want to add a feature to Audacity which has the following functionality:
when user starts a new recording, the pc’s absolute time is logged in a buffer at a constant time interval, and written to a log file when the user stops the recording.

I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what the ‘start recording’ and ‘stop recording’ functions are named.

Also, is there any "Hierarchy diagram or something for the source file structure? I am new to makefiles and am having trouble extracting this information from there.


See ControlToolBar::OnRecord(wxCommandEvent &evt) and ControlToolBar::StopPlaying(bool stopStream / = true/)** in src/toolbars/ControlToolBar.cpp

This is probably a bit out of date, but may still be useful:
And this is unofficial, but may be useful:

thanks! that was spot on!