Soundtracks and special effects created in Audacity

Hi all,

I wanted to share these videos that I mixed the soundtracks with in Audacity… the first one has some special effects that I created with voice and MIDI music.

I found it works well if one clicks the link, allows the video to start loading in a browser page, then click the pause button to stop the player, allow the video to load for a few minutes, then go back and click the play button for glitch-free video and audio in a few minutes after the video pre-loads a bit. These videos are best viewed in 720p HD in the “Expanded” video player or with the “Pop Out” feature to allow the screen to be a little bigger.

The little video player images below are not links or embedded players themselves… they are just previews…

The first of these two videos is a little Rockumentary film I just made in the last few days…

Here is a link directly to the full page, 720p HD YouTube video player…
Also, here is a link to a video I made a couple of weeks ago and mixed the soundtrack in Audacity…

“San Francisco History 101”

Here is a link directly to the full page, 720p HD YouTube video player for this one…
I had fun using Audacity in these projects… it works so well I look forward to using it more.


Above links don’t work because of “” typo in URL.

Hi Trebor,

I just clicked on the links and they work fine… the “” URL with the period between the u and the b is something YouTube uses for its “short” form URLs… check that on any of the short URLs provided under “Share” on a YouTube page.

Also, I provided additional long URLs that lead to the full page size, 720p HD versions of these video players… try those and they work too.


I didn’t know about the “” thing :blush: , but those links don’t work on my PC.
It must be a specific issue with my computer, (maybe “Noscript” : it can block allsorts, including flash).

I could get to your Youtube videos by Googling their titles though.

Good to know Trebor… where you not able to even use the links that I included for the 720p HD page either?

Are you able to click any direct links at all?.. apparently you are from a Google search page… it may be a setting issue with your web browser… do you use FireFox? I had issues with Internet Explorer blocking YouTube altogether until it was set differently from the default, but I never had any problems reaching anything via Firefox or Safari on Macs or PCs.


Nice try spammer… pedal your junk someplace else… didn’t click your link, I Googled it and I happen to speak Duetsch, Scheiße Kopf.

Administrator note: @digiday - many thanks for the nicely detailed SPAM Report - I have extirpated the spammer and their posting.
We don’t normally tolerate swearing either - but in this case I think it’s justified (and auf Deutsch), so I prefer to leave it in :slight_smile: - WC

Thanks WC, or, Vielen Dank… Der Kerl war ein echter Kriechen.