Sounds and voices

I need to get a robotic voice to say things. Is it possible to tyoe something to ‘Audacity’ and it will say it in a robotic voice, or get a normal voice to say it and then change it to robotic voice through ‘Audacity’?
If it is possible to do any of the above could you tell me how to do it please?

You can’t type things for Audacity (text to speech). But you could record someone’s voice saying something and then try applying the Vocoder effect.

– Bill

The vocoder will turn your voice into Something. You do have to pick what something you want, tho. Vocoder takes two tracks.


Hi. I have version 1.3 beta which is great, but, can someone tell me how to get a proper robotic sound through the vocoder effect. I have fiddled around with the settings but can’t get it right. Thanks, Matt.

you can also use eq to change freq response
add echo / reverb to make it robotty like
maybe stretch the timing out too
lots of things to make it different

who is to say what an official robot voice sounds like anyway?

if you mean like that hawking physicist guy’s machine
then i am guessing lower tones emphasised
slight delay between words and maybe syllables
slight echo reverb
and possibly slightly stretched out in time and lowered in pitch
but that is all the way it was built with the parts back then

if you mean r2d2 or some other movie robot
analyse the sound and compare it to real voice to see what to diddle

Vocoding voice with 120Hz sawtooth is Cylon-ish …