Sounding like GarageBand

In GarageBand there is a preset called ‘Narration Vocal’. It creates a richer, deeper sound than GarageBand’s ‘Natural Vocal’ preset or anything I’ve been able to create on Audacity.

Does anyone know how I can get the sound of GarageBand’s ‘Narration Vocal’ with Audacity?

Many thanks.

Post some of both. Make two clips, one natural sound and one with the enhancement, each about ten seconds in WAV (Microsoft). Scroll down from a forum text window > Upload Attachment.

Audacity high quality, uncompressed setting default is always WAV (Microsoft) because it’s accepted on all three computing platforms. Doesn’t matter if you’re on a Mac.

Does Garage Band have a “Stop Helping Me” setting?

You should know that Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. So no effects while you’re presenting.