Soundflower Install

How do I download and install Soundflower? The wiki on using Soundflower starts after the install.

How do I use the SHA1 Checksum from this page:

What does the QR code do and how do I use it?

OS-X 10.9.4 refuses to install Soundflower. How do I get around that?

Does the filename: Soundflower-1.6.6b.dmg mean I’m downloading beta software?

And more I may have just not gotten to yet.


This is an Audacity site. We help people use Audacity.
This is the Soundflower web-site:

This is confusing. Did you post someone else’s thread for them? Anyhow I added the Gatekeeper problem to the development Manual version of that page for 2.0.6. Soundflower 1.6.6b installs fine on Mavericks after the right-click or CONTROL-click > Open and Open trick.


Did you post someone else’s thread for them?

Effectively, yes. I tried to install SoundFlower from the point of view of a newbie with a current system. It wasn’t fun. It’s still not. I never got it working. I find this Not Our Problem attitude profoundly unhelpful and not useful.


Did you go to the link?
First up on their home page:

Learn how to install Soundflower | Learn how to uninstall Soundflower

On the other hand:
“How do I use / install / uninstall / I have a problem with …
Pamela / Fraps / Matlab / Soundflower / Audition / FL Studio / SoundForge / Logic Pro / Protools / Samplitude / Ableton Live / Adobe Premiere / …”

You wouldn’t go to a watch repairer to ask for your car to be fixed (at no charge), so why ask us about software that has nothing to do with us?
Would you call the watch repairer “profoundly unhelpful” because he gave you the address of a car repair centre but wouldn’t fix your car?

Now if a user wrote that, wouldn’t you be asking them to use more words? It works fine on 10.9.4 for me. I used the installation instructions I wrote myself (added to Bill’s previous efforts).

If it doesn’t install for you, say exactly what happens. Were you trying to reinstall it over a previous Soundflower? Did you uninstall the old version first?