sound track sounds very low

Hi everyone,

I am using Audacity for 8 years now, but today I had this problem, the track sounds very low, on headphones and without them. all other sounds on the laptop are normal, and when I listen to the saved file, it sounds normal, only when I put it on Audacity it sounds very low.

I can’t edit my files because I can’t hear them well, and the volume is 100, even though this problem occurs. Please help…

Also (only today also) it does not connect to my focusrite, when I choose “rescan audio devices”. so I couldn’t edit it using the headphones connected to focusrite.

** I restarted the laptop.
** Updated the Audacity
** restarted audacity, nothing changed.


Do the waveforms look normal or are they “small” like a quiet file?

Have you run the Amplify effect?


I downloded Audacity 3.2.0, it accepted the fucusrite 2i4, but the track is still very low.

They look normal, it reaches -18 to -6 like all my files usually are, but it sounds very very low, only on the Audacity. Whwn I listen to the saved wav file, it sounds normal. But since it is very low on Audacity, I can’t edit them.

Also, check the volume control on the Playback meter.