sound to create in Audacity - how?


How to create such sound in Audacity which is played for first 3 seconds of this below movie:

I`ve tried to use Linear flanger effect, but it does not satisfy my with 100%.

What would be the best sample to modify using some Audacity plugin to create such sound effect like on this youtube movie?

I would like to create such similiar sounds like on this video so I don`t want to be limited to just the sound but I want to have possiblity to modify such sample to finally create small differenting sounds.


Here’s a possible starting point for developing a Nyquist plug-in:

Create a stereo track and select part of it (it does not matter how much as long as there is a selection in a stereo track).
From the Effect menu click on “Nyquist Prompt”.
Copy and paste this code into the text box and click OK.

(defun zoom ()
   (let* (( mysound (abs-env (noise 3)))
            (freq (abs-env (pwlv 3000 0.5 1000 1 800 3 500)))
            (bw (abs-env (pwlv 500 0.5 100 3 1000)))
            (mysound (reson mysound freq bw 2))
            (mysound (mult mysound (abs-env (pwlv 0 0.5 3 3 0)))))
                (mult mysound (pwlv 1 3 0))
                (mult mysound (pwlv 0 3 1)))))
(abs-env (zoom))

IMO that’s a modified* recording of a jet plane flying by …

[ * possibly increase tempo without changing pitch, which Audacity can do ]