Sound switches to only right side

I have had a case in the past where I suddenly had two grids appearing when I’m working on a project. I clicked on “Split stereo track” like I have in the past, and the second blank grid went away. But this time, when I played it back, I could only hear out of my right ear. I couldn’t find anywhere where I could get the sound for both right and left back. I hope you can help me.
Sara Moser Bartlett

You needed “Split stereo to mono”, (not just “split stereo track”), then delete the unwanted blank “grid” (track).

Oh that’s what I did wrong. I didn’t click on Split Stereo to Mono, and I deleted the unwanted grid first. I appreciate your help as always.

I also accidentally put my first message in the Windows area instead of the Mac area. thanks for catching that.

Thanks so much,