Sound skipping and some distortion at the start of recording

Hello dear members,

I am a new member of this community. I have just started using Audacity when I learned that it’s capable of recording sound which is passing through my speaker whatever be the source is. But, what I observe is that although the quality is sufficiently enough for the work I need to do, audacity does skip a beat when the recording starts. After that it all goes smooth as butter.

That little skip at the start is bugging me. I will try to write all the details here so some of you noble souls will write a response to plea. I have 4th gen. i7 @ 2.2GHz paired with 8GB RAM and 2GB GPU memory. In no sense is my laptop underpowered and not enough to handle such menial tasks because I do very heavy gaming on it and it runs smoothly. But, while recording the sound output through my computer, I closed all the applications except Google Chrome. That is the source of playback that I want to record. Also, I will let you have a look at what my settings look like. There are screenshots of settings which I fiddled with but rest are default. Also attached is a short mp3 which I recorded with audacity clearly stating the issue I am talking about.

I hope this sums up pretty much what I wanted to say. I would be highly obliged if any of you would be able to tell me a turn-around for this issue.


You can get some odd effects from Sound Activated Recording. Try switching that off.