Sound refuses to change format and rate

so i grab my .WAV sound file and i drop it into the audacity window right. it says the rate is 48000 and the format is 32 float. i change it to 44100 rate and 16 bit pcm. then i go to export as a wav and it exports without noticable issue. then i bring it to the program i need it on, (it only accepts sound files as 44100 rate and 16 bit pcm) and it says its the wrong rate and format. i grab the newly exported file, drop it back into audacity and it says its back to 48000 and 32 bit float. how do i get it to stay as what i set it to?

Make sure to change the Project Sample Rate. That’s under Audio Setup → Audio Settings in the current
version of Audacity.

It’s normal for Audacity to convert-to floating point when you open a file so that doesn’t mean anything.

You can also check the file with MediaInfoOnline.

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