sound quality of Speaker Loopback recording device

Hello, I experience sound quality loss when using Speaker Loopback as the Recording Device. Is there any way to improve this, or is it just something we have to live with? Thank you.

If you really are using the older Speaker Loopback, then the sound is going all the way through the soundcard, through the digital to analog converters, through analog routing and switching, to Analog to Digital converters and to you for recording. This is the older “legacy” way to record internet content or something playing on the computer. The earlier soundcards had some of this processing built in.

It wasn’t that hard to do, but the quality wasn’t too good.

Now, it’s much more normal to have a digital device or service that does the re-routing without all the analog sound processing and converting.


Thank you Koz, that was real helpful. Much better sound quality now with the digital way!