Sound Quality Muffled and Echoey

I have just bought a behringer U-phoria UMC22 and the sound quality is really bad. I have been using with a TC20 XLR microphone.

Why could this be?

Example Below

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

And that’s probably a cardioid (directional) “side address” microphone, so make sure you are speaking/singing into the front side, not the back side or the end.

The instruction manual is very clear that it’s a directional microphone with diagrams to explain how directional. However, nowhere does it say where the front of the microphone is. I would guess it’s the side grill just up from the company name.

It does sound like you’re announcing into a microphone across the room. Is that where the computer is? Are you recording the laptop microphone?

You can scratch each one to find out.


Maybe you are speaking into the wrong side of the microphone, or speaking into the end of the mic. For this type of mic, the “front” is usually the side with the writing on the microphone body. The front should be facing you.

Alternatively, Audacity may be recording from your laptop’s built-in mic rather than from the UMC22. Check the Audio Settings.

Do you have your wired headphones plugged into your Behringer preamplifier? That’s highly recommended for voice work. Set for Direct Monitor, that will help you maintain good expression, volume, and microphone spacing in real time (after you get used to it).

You can’t use wireless headphones or plug the headphones into the computer because of echo and delay problems.

Do you have a quiet computer? You can’t separate the Behringer from the computer further than about six feet. That’s the USB limit. And you can’t separate the Behringer from the headphones further than the headphone cable.