Sound Problems in Windows 11?

I have recently bought a new computer and my sound quality has drastically reduced. I use a usb mic made by Maono and it was sounding great on my Microsoft Surface in Windows 10…I have a little HP Spectre now and run Windows 11 and my sound has gone from clear and crisp to super dirty. It doesn’t pick up clapping, snapping, songs played on my phone into the mic, high pitched anything and it can’t seem to take anything too loud. It cuts me out entirely…I know I’m loud, but not that loud.

I have done everything except use some kind of audio filter/software that I would potentially use. I’m at my wit’s end and need to know if I should just buy another mic…

I usually plug the mic right into my computer but I have a little Scarlet audio interface I could use but need to grab an XLR mic for which I’m not sure which one to buy…

Regardless, any tips on making my audio more clear in Windows 11? It doesn’t seem all that great for sound. If there is a driver I need or another piece of software I can run the sound through before I edit in Audacity, I’m willing to try it!

Make sure Windows “Enhancements” are turned OFF.

+1 for Windows audio enhancement,
[ or a second layer of Audio enhancement, e.g. MaxxAudio].

Such enhancements are capable of blocking clicks & music,
while permitting speech, (at Skype/Zoom quality).