Sound output during recording

I am running Mac 12.1 Monterey after upgrading to it. I am running Audacity 3.1.3 after upgrading to it. I’m recording sound from the internet. My computer is a 2017 MacBook Pro with Insignia bluetooth speakers set as normal output device. Sound settings: input Soundflower 2 channel; output Soundflower 2 channel. Audacity settings: recording device Soundflower 2 channel; playback device built in output (the bluetooth speaker name does NOT appear as a pulldown option. When I record, I am getting sound not from the bluetooth speakers, but directly from the laptop speakers. What am I doing that is incorrect?

Have you tried Transport > Rescan Audio Devices ?

Yes, I just did that. Does not make the speakers appear. I just do not want to hear the audio thru the laptop speaker. Need to hear and monitor it thru the normal Bluetooth speakers. That was working fine before I updated, and once thereafter, but now reverts to the device speakers.

I’ve solved this is a roundabout way. I have another set of wired speakers and I connected them to the computer, and now all is well. I will just have to exist with both wired and bluetooth speakers I guess, using the wired ones when I am using Audacity. If anyone can suggest another solution, I’m game.

Audacity does not play well (on Mac) with bluetooth headphones/speakers. So far we’ve not been able to nail down this issue so we could fix it.
– Bill

Bluetooth speakers are network devices.

This creates all sorts of problems for sound production. Bluetooth sound timing is whatever happens to fall out after transmission delays and connection management. Until relatively recently, the sound quality wasn’t even all that good.

It’s nothing like the wire on a pair of conventional headphones.