Sound not coming through headphones

I have wired headphones that are plugged by USB into my desktop computer. I know for sure that they’re working as sound from sources such as YouTube, etc. are coming through them fine. However, when I record something on Audacity and do playback, there is no sound coming through my headphones. I tried the Rescan for audio devices thing in Audacity, but nothing happened. It just says “Stopped” at the bottom of the app. I went to my computer’s Audio Settings, and it shows sound coming through my “speakers,” and this is the sound coming through my headphones. Anyway, can anyone help?

Did you select the USB headphones as your Playback Device?

It’s not showing up in the options.

I also fight the headphone connection issue, I have spent countless hours on trying to get sound through the headphones
We all do the rescan audio devices/audio setup/playback device settings and it’s still a challenge at times to get sound through the headphones, Bluetooth or plugged in.
I have had a Bluetooth connected headphones, stop file, restart file and it will loose connection, and won’t reconnect.
I’ve never had a program have so many issues playing audio through Bluetooth or plugged in. I feel this is an issue that needs to be addressed.
When you are connected Bluetooth, it should play via Bluetooth, when you plug in the headphones it plays sound through the headphones.
Help us audacity!

A big problem is that when I try the Rescan for Audio Devices option, it doesn’t work. It just says “Stopped” at the bottom.

If the headphones are working properly in other application and no Yellow question marks or Red Xs in Device manager then at least they should be “selectable” as a device, input mic(USB). and output spekers/headphones (USB). …in Audacity…
Close Audacity then shutdown computer. Restart computer, open Audacity, check what devices are available in Audacity devices toolbar and pick the ones relevent to what you are doing. If you are using your headphones as output then pick the one for headphones as output it will probably also describe it as USB in some way. Also if recording from headphones mic then pick that as input it will probably also say USB. Make sure your mic device is enabled in Windows for applications use. And in windows settings that mic and headphones are enabled or even set them as default. There is also Windows Stereo mix see if it is listed in Windows sound settings and enable it. It may be hidden so may have to show hidden devices to see it greyed out to enable it. It is mainly for general computer sounds and players playing/recording in Audacity… And post here what is happening if it still does not work… dont just say it is not working or stopped… Also check in audacity that you DO NOT have sound activated recording enabled… at least till you get it basically working…
Also try other host settings…Windows Directsounds and WASAPI…

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