Sound like Enigma | Help


I plan to do a project so that my voice sounds like these excerpts, but I cannot understand the descriptions to follow. I have the voice for but I can’t really understand the mixes.

Can you help me to figure it out ?

I have there two audios.



Thank you for your time. includes reverse-reverb …
Reverse the audio, apply reverb, then reverse it again so it’s the right way round.

Thank you ? Do you have any ideas for the frequency ? or any precisions to add ? Thank you for your time!

The telephone preset, (if the voice is supposed to be from a communication device)
https ://

If you need to add hiss & crackle try the helmet-radio plugin …

Thank you, and any ideas for the first audio ?
And any ideas for a “Microwave frequency too”
sorry with my questions, I’m trying anything!

Thank you for your time anyway

Tremolo, automated panning & stutter-glitching

This ? …

No, :laughing:

But thank you for your help ! It was really helpful for the reverb.

Thank you for your time!