Sound issue from Mic and Behringer 1202 FX mixer

I am using Audacity with a Behringer UC222 Audio interface and A Behringer 1202 FX mixer. The microphone is a Shure 57. And windows 10 PC.
The issue, sound from this set-up is low. And the export quality to .wave format is poor.

I’ve tried turning up he gain on the mixer board and the quality of the sound is terrible. my goal is to record from my Marshall amp from the microphone.

Just to check my sanity I also did this configuration. Shure 57 Mic to M Audio 2x2 interface to windows 10 PC using Audacity. Same issue with the sound.

Any suggestions?

PS I did open the mic record toolbar and mixer tool bar.

Check the levels through the signal chain in order from source to destination:

  1. A reasonable level from the Marshall amp
  2. Position the SM58 so that it is pointing toward the amp speaker (you will need to experiment to find the sweet spot, but hanging by its cord over the front of the amp is probably NOT the sweet spot.
  3. Adjust the Gain on the mixer (press the PFL button for that channel and adjust so that the peak signal level is close to 0 dB.
  4. Turn off the PFL and set the slider so that the Main level is a little BELOW 0 dB (the UC222 will probably clip if you go over 0 dB)
  5. Adjust the recording level in the Windows Sound Control Panel so that the maximum peak level is below 0 dB (around -6 dB max peak is good). Ensure that Windows is not adding microphone boost.

How does the mic sound with your voice?

The SM57 is not as sensitive as most studio condenser mics but in front of a guitar amp (at normal or loud volume) you shouldn’t be getting a low signal. At “live sound levels”, the signal from the mic should be rather hot! The SM57 is the most popular mic for recording a guitar amp…

Do the meters on the interface show a low signal? Are the Audacity meter and waveforms showing you a low level, or does it just sound quieter than you expect?

The room will influence the sound as will mic placement. As Steve says, you should experiment with mic placement. Try starting about a foot away with the mic halfway between the center and the edge of the speaker cone. It would be helpful if you can get some help… If someone else can play the guitar while you listen with headphones and move the mic around, or if someone else can move the mic around while play and listen through headphones.

The placement of the amp cabinet in the room can make a difference too, or maybe try a different room with different acoustics.

An alternative is to record direct (without a mic). Does the M-Audio interface have a guitar/instrument input? Then, you can use an amp simulator plug-in (an “amp sim”) to simulate the sound of your Marshall (or other amp/cabinet).