sound is distorted in project file

Help My 4hr Recording in audacity came out like this and i cannot re-record

I doubt you’re going to get a “usable” or “listenable” recording from that. :frowning: There was something seriously wrong with your setup. How far was the microphone from the sound source? It sounds like very-bad mic placement and/or maybe a directional mic pointed backwards…

You can [u]Split the stereo track[/u] and delete the left channel. A mono file will play through both speakers.

You can Amplify the remaining channel, then try Click Removal, or Repair on the loud noises. (For the Repair effect you have to choose the defects one-by-one). If that doesn’t work use the Envelope tool to fade-down the loudest noises, then Amplify again.

…You won’t be able to remove the reverb and some of the noise won’t be fixable.

its a 4 channel recording i used audacity for channel 1 n 2 and audio director for 3 n 4, i have a behringer umc404 3/4 is good, 1/2 were also good after recording. shut down the pc now its like that on audacity when opening

What was it supposed to be?

It sounds like you had a connection problem with the microphone or show sound system. Audacity will not automatically recover from a failure like that. It will start recording anything it can find that’s still alive, such as the laptop built-in microphone. And then stay there.

It’s good to use a confidence process on a major recording such as setting Audacity for Playthrough, and then listen to the laptop headphones or the speaker system if you can. That will not be perfect, it can be as much as a second off time and really annoying to listen to, but it does sound like the show. Your confidence headphones would not have sounded like the show.

What was the show? What kind of production goes for four hours?

If you discovered it was broken after two hours, could you have started over?


everything was fine during and after recording, but the the following day after turn on the pc and opening the project
its like that

shut down the pc now its like that on audacity when opening

Did you save or export the show? We have had forum posters who just close Audacity and go home after recording a show and depend on the Automatic Disaster Recovery to bring it back to life later. Is that what happened here?


track 1n2 from audacity

yes i did save and no i didn’t export

the the following day after turn on the pc and opening the project
its like that

Dueling posts.

So you saved an Audacity Project? That should have worked if you had room for it. Have you done this before?

Did you get any error messages? Any complaints? “Orphan Blockfiles?”

You can get into trouble by closing the computer before Audacity has had time to finish writing the files. Four hours would take a good long time.


3n4 from audiodirector

i always use audacity, this it the 1st time it happened.

Is the damaged show the right duration? Is it the same four hours as the other recording (within reason).

I got nothing. I can usually pull something out of my ear but I can’t this time. The show worked while it was in the Audacity Cache Memory, but fell apart when it was written to the drive…??


yes it is, the duration i mean

The bumps and noises on the bad track just screams recording from the wrong microphone. But you claim the show was complete and good before saving.

Did you quick play down the show about once or twice an hour to see if everything was OK, or did you check once at the beginning or end and call it good?

Is the whole show destroyed?


it was perfect after the show we checked everything and it was great, same setup we used yesterday and its fine also.

I will admit the symptoms are so impossible, I’m considering a bogus (fake) forum post.

If somebody paid me I couldn’t do what you did. Time to wait for a senior forum elf (GMT).


Can you tell if the damaged track is the right show?


Just Opened it again now it says this

of course it is

here’s the log file