Sound in all other programs, but suddenly none in Audacity!

I am having the exact same issue here… Sound comes out fine on every application on my computer except Audacity. I use Linux. It stopped playing all of sudden. Any solution?
I downloaded Audacity on Windows on the same computer, it plays fine.

As the problem is on Linux it is better to post to the Linux board, so I moved your post here.

You will need to tell us much more about

  • what version of Linux (for example, Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit)
  • what version of Audacity (see Help > About Audacity)
  • did you compile this Audacity version or did you install a packaged version
  • what is the source of the audio in the project? Is it an audio file?
  • attach the contents of Help > Audio Device Info

You can choose the playback devce in Audacity’s Playback Preferences.