sound finder-export labels-syllable counter

I am using your sound finder and you provided me a plugin called export labels that uses the audio files name, as the export name, which works great. I am in need of something again, I found you created a plugin for counting syllables per minute. I am timing images and human speech and am creating state of the art neuro training videos.

If you could provide the start and stop time of sound like you do now in sound finder, and use that sound output to count each syllable. using this format: Sound Start time /syllable-2-start time/syllable-3-start time/syllable-4-start time/syllable-5-start time/Sound Stop time. By just listing the start time of each syllable, provides me the exact duration time for each image down to thousands of a second, which I can then use as the source of duration for the images, in an PowerShell script to assemble the clips using ffmpeg. I have over 1800 clips that are for humanity, that could have perfect timing. Which makes something fantastic even better.