Sound file shows waveforms, VU functions, but no sound from system!

I import a .WAV file. It loads and audacity responds to the play button, but no sound emerges from the computer’s audio system. This occurs only with a particular recording session. I have hundreds / thousand of .WAV and .MP3 files that work perfectly! I use a Windows 10 PC.

Here is a copy of one of the files:

You have only uploaded 0 seconds of audio.

It is possible that you have bumped the level control on the Meter Toolbar.

If the .WAV file is stereo it is possible that the left and right channels are cancelling. Try PANning all the way to the left or right.

Thank you.
I attempted to supply a link to the file in my dropbox app. When the post was published, it was converted to a play button. Let me try again, using brackets:
[Dropbox - lil_rabbit_lobero.wav - Simplify your life]

So what has happened is that your left and right channels are exact inversions of one another. You can see this if you try to Mix Stereo down to Mono.

To fix this, on the Track Control Panel, Split Stereo Track to Mono, then delete one of the tracks.

I am not sure where to find the “track control panel.” Can you be more specific?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps this will help: Splitting and Joining Stereo Tracks - Audacity Manual


Thanks a bunch! I have no idea how this particular set of files got that way!!



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