Sound fades to nothing! Please help!

Hi all, first post and need some help please. The recording I have is now fading away to nothing gradually over a period of about 15 minutes, just gets quieter and quieter. I have had a look at normalise and amplify but am not particularly tech savvy and need an idiots guide, not even sure if these are the right effects. Can anyone offer an easy to understand fix?

Thanks so much in advance.


Please see the pink panel at the top of the page. Also tell us exactly what you’re recording and make and model number of the equipment you’re recording with.

It sounds like you have been affected by Windows enhancements or sound card effects. Please see Audacity Manual.


The noise-reduction “enhancement” problem kicks-in in seconds, not “15 minutes”.
A microphone with a dying battery could cause a fade-out over 15 minutes.

Audacity’s “envelope tool” could be used to correct fading sound …
correct fade-out with envelope-tool.gif
However the amount of noise will increase where you amplify the quiet sections.

I agree that’s how it should work, but when I first used Vista with a long discarded desktop I had exactly the described problem when recording with the internal mic. It was both fading after each onset of sound and gradually getting softer and softer. I had to turn off the Noise Reduction, which meant the short fading was stopped and the long fading much reduced but not completely gone.

Then when a new set of Vista audio drivers from the computer manufacturer were available, I updated the drivers and then the noise reduction was pretty much as it should be.

If you are using/connecting to the built-in sound device and drivers are anything to do with it, please see Missing features - Audacity Support.