Sound Effects

Thank god for Audacity.

Just started but I am using Audacity for sound effects and the sound effect that is proving difficult is one when a song starts playing and the gradually stops/slows down. Is there a tool that I could use there in an audio track of about 3/4 second that gradually grinds to a halt or will I have to highlight sections of the track from start point and decrease the speed in Effects ntil it stops?

Thank ya’ll in advance

There is a “turntable-warp” effect plug-in


I have downloaded the regular Audacity. Will I need the advanced one to perform the Turntable Wrap? If I do can I keep Sound effects I’ve already made or would I have to start all over again?

Audacity 1.2 projects can be opened in Audacity 1.3 providing that all the data that the project uses is still available.

Audacity projects are unsuitable for long-term storage as they are very large and very easy to destroy. You are strongly advised to Export your work as WAV files asap.
Vital information about Audacity Projects here:

Projects saved in Audacity 1.3 cannot be opened in Audacity 1.2

I’m not sure if turntable warp works in Audacity 1.2 or not, but if you like making sound effects I would definitely recommend that you use Audacity 1.3.11 which is available here: