Sound effect file creation, multi channel HELP

I read so many interesting posts in this forum that I was hoping someone here can give me some ideas.

I am trying to create a sound track for a haunted house. We have 5 zones that need sound effects. Instead of 5 separate systems, I was going to try ONE 7 or 5 channel surround sound AMP. I could play the result with a DVD via the fiber/coax connection to the Amp.

If I can take my effects, and port each to a different channel, then I can control the whole setup from one location. For example: wolf howl = Right Front. THunder = Sub, screaming = Left Rear.

Anyone know how I can take multiple sound files (wav or mp3) and somehow MIX them into one multi-channel file, then burn that to a cd or dvd to then put on repeat.

Thanks for even reading this. I know I am crazy, but it is for a fund raising project and I am just trying to help.

Rob Korn.

The only part I can help with is the Audacity part.

Create a project with one mono track for each “channel”.
If you have stereo sounds, convert them to mono: “Tracks menu > Stereo track to mono”.

When you have completed all 5/7 tracks, you need to export as a multi-channel file.
To do that you need to use the “Advanced Mixing Options”

Thanks Steve…

AFter I have mixed the 5 inputs into 5 Channels - Burning a multichannel disk is doable? (sorry I am new to all of this)

I’d guess so, but I’ve no idea how to do that (Audacity does not burn disks). I’d guess that it would need to be some sort of DVD. You also need a player that is capable of playing the disk. Audacity does not have multi-channel playback - just mono or stereo.

I am learning… BUT…

I cannot seem to ever get the advanced export matrix with more than 2 ch.

Some setting somewhere is keeping me stuck on 2 ch…

Do you have 5 separate mono tracks in Audacity like this?

Burning a multichannel disk is doable? (sorry I am new to all of this)

“Burning” the DVD isn’t a problem (assuming your computer has a CD/DVD burner) but if you want to play the DVD on a regular DVD player you need DVD authoring software to create the standard DVD format (VOB files in a VIDEO_TS file, etc).

[u]Corel VideoStudio[/u] ($70 USD) can do it. Or, there is a FREE DVD authoring application called [u]DVDStyler[/u]. (I have not used DVDSyler, and although I have VideoStudio I use a different DVD authoring application.)

If you use DVDStyler, you’ll also need a video editor. The VOB files on a DVD are MPEG-2 audio/video files with the audio in a compatible format. (Dolby AC3 is the only 5.1 channel format that plays on all DVD players.) If you don’t have video, you can make a blank-black video or a slideshow, or just a still-image of text showing the title of the program, etc.

DVDs are not required to have a menu, but you can create one with your DVD authoring software.