Sound does not work in audacity

My soundcloud gives no sound.
very strange, because all other items give sound like websites with video’s, mp3’s etc.
Earlier it gave sound…
How is that possible, and why does audacity suddenly gives nou sound?
I have installed the new soundcloud programm, but that didn’t help…
Marc van Delft

I assume you are using soundcloud app. Is that any different than just clicking on soundcloud track in your browser. What else does the app do…?
Are you using Windows…Is your sound working in windows without Audacity opened. Can you see it in Windows Volume Mixer…?

Check your Playback Device selection.

Many thanks for your help !!
I already found it and solved it,
the problem with audacity-sound
​on my computer.​

I could go in audacity to:
audio setting
I could go there to:
playback device,
I did put it on:
instead of
realtek digital output…

Now I get sound in audacity again !!

Many thanks for your advice and trouble!

Marc van Delft



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