Sound cloud - do you know a place


you’ve all heard about wordclouds where you enter some key words and get an impressive illustration/layout. But do you know a place/site/app where you can do the same with sound bites for making a collage/montage. It’s very hard to do this yourself - at least I can’t find a way to make it smooth. I really like the idea of puzzle of sounds created by coincidens, often I make the best edits by change, and I have an idea that an ai app can do this :slight_smile:

Can anyone help her, thanx

best, Soren

Hey Trebor. Great link, but unfortunately you cannot upload your own audio-sound-bites, which is crucial for my project (story-telling-poetic-montage). The idea is to put 8 or nine pieces (with different sentences) in a generator and make it shake that thing. To me, there is a future in a program like that, not just for me. Does anyone know about something like that?

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