Sound card for stereo input

I would like to record in stereo on my MacBook Pro (Catalina 10.15.7), but I don’t know what sound card to use. I have a cable that converts two channels (RCA plugs) to a 3.5mm plug. I also have an older Logitec sound card that takes headphones (output) and a mic input that accepts my 3.5mm plug and converts to USB.

Audicity 3.0.4 recognizes the sound card, but when I choose it as the input source, it forces 2 (Stereo) recording to 1 (Mono) Recording and will not let me choose stereo. The card is working, since I can record mono, and stereo recording works with the Built-in microphone.

I hope that there is a reasonably priced external audio card that will work with this configuration, but when the listing (Amazon, eBay, whatever) says Stereo, it often means stereo output (like I already have with my Logitec card). Are there cards out there that will allow me to record in stereo? Any other techniques I need to know?


Have you looked at the Behringer UCA-202 or UCA-222?
– Bill

I would like to record in stereo

From what?


The [u]Behringer UCS202[/u] is popular (and there are a couple of similar variations). It has RCA connections.

Generally, these external units are called “USB audio interfaces” rather than “soundcards”.

says Stereo, it often means stereo output

These regular “USB soundcards” also have a microphone input and I assume you want a line-level input.

There are lots of higher-end interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs, but these are for “pro” stage/studio mics and they are not compatible with “computer mics.”

I ordered the UCA-202 from Amazon, and it arrived today. It does EXACTLY what I wanted. Thanks for the advice.