Sound Activated Recording ...

Audacity 2.3.1


I have a need to record with VOX but I want to be able to see when the audio was actually recorded on the timeline. So, if a noise causes a recording at, say, 3:55.0 and there is another noise until a minute later, I want to see the recording at 4:55.0 on the timeline. Is there a way to get Audacity to do this? If not, is there some software app out there that can?


The idea of voice activation is to divorce the performance from the timeline. Why don’t you just record everything? The loud bits will be the only ones that stick up on the timeline. If you want more of an indication, apply Noise Gate to the recording and that will switch between Something and Nothing.


You still have to convert timeline time to real time.

Audacity doesn’t make a very good Surveillance Recorder. That’s your Google Search Term.


LOL. You’re right, Koz. I need a Surveillance Recorder. I’m trying to document a barking dogs problem being caused by a neighbor. Thanks for the tips.