Sound activated recording


I have recently installed Audacity and the noise removal tool doesn’t quite remove all of the keyboard and mouse clicks, no matter how much i tinker with it unless my voice goes funny.

Is there a way for me to continuously record an audio file with Sound activated recording, because this removes all of the background noise and mouse clicks in between and over my voice overs for game-play.

I have googled this problem and it seems there are a fair amount of other people that have this problem, it seems like a very simple solution to an annoying problem if i could continuously record with sound activated recording.

It can be done on team speak as it activates only when you talk and you can continuously record however I would like to use audacity.

Is there a way to code this? Would it be rather simple to do? I’m more than willing to give it a go with a little help as i am sure it would benefit thousands of users of audacity.

Thanks TrueCrust

You want a noise gate. Audacity has one for use in post-production editing, not in real time. Audacity doesn’t apply effects in real time.


Can you clarify what you mean there? Do you mean that when the audio input is below the threshold (you are not talking) then it pads the recording with silence to maintain the length?

If so that is quite a common request, but we have no plans to implement it.

Here is a noise gate plugin you can use:

By the way if you have “Noise Removal” then you have an old version of Audacity. The current Audacity 2.1.2 from now has Noise Reduction. In that 2.1.2 version you have to use Effect > Add / Remove Plugins… to enable Noise Gate or other plugins.


If your clicks are loud enough, they may trigger the gate. The balance may be harder than you think.