Sonivox Vocalizer as Plug-in not working?


I recently impulsively purchased a copy of SONiVOX’s Vocalizer at Guitar Center for a wonderful price (10 dollars!). It mainly consists of a VST plug-in able to run “in most Audio-host DAWs”. I Installed it on my Windows 7 Desktop computer. When I placed the Vocalizer.dll file into my Audacity plug-in folder, NOT ONLY did it not work, but AUDACITY WOULD NOT EVEN OPEN! Honestly I’m puzzled as to what exactly is the reason it is not working. I understand SONiVOX made Vocalizer for a more professional level user, who would run it in a program like Cakewalk or Pro-tools… But does that mean it won’t even work at all with out a program like that?

So I am wondering, is there anyway to get this program to work with Audacity? I would greatly appreciate any help or explanations or advice that anyone has at all!

SONiVOX Vocalizer information:
Installation quickstart instructions/information/Manual/Guide:

Thanks guys, you are awesome people with lots of Knowledge to offer to Newbies like me!


P.S. Here are

Sorry, but Audacity does not supports VST synths and instruments. Please see: .