Sonible Plugins Not Working

Hello again the conversation in English,

the Sonible plugins do not work properly, the program freezes for a few seconds when using the True Balance or Smart Eq as a real-time effect. I hope someone can tell me why that is I have the latest audacity software 3.3 my laptop is also strong enough I5 10 Generation 8gb RAM so it is not because of that, especially since other effects also run without problems

I have the same issue.
but with me, sometimes, it makes Audacity crashes.

Did you have a solution? I would like to buy the Sonible plugins, why can’t you contact a member of the audacity team directly? I would be grateful if the team fixes this

So I just downloaded the Sonible True Balance 30-day trial and installed the VST3 package only, and it seems to startup and run just fine.

I generated a 20 minute mono DTMF audio and duplicated the track then made it stereo. When run as a destructive effect it takes about 10-15 seconds to startup whether I select the whole track or just a few seconds of it.

When run as a real-time effect, it seems to take the same 10-15 seconds to “attach” to the track, but when I press play it starts running immediately.

So what would be the exact procedure to start the Sonible plugin as a real-time effect without delay? Plugins from other manufacturers also seem to work well as real-time without any hang-ups

This might be a question for them. I have found that if I minimize the GUI instead of closing it I don’t have to wait for that 10-15 second initialization period.

There is a similar problem I am experiencing.
The only problem I’ve had with it is that it sometimes crashes Audacity on me.

it’s a pity not to be able to contact audacity directly. After all, the Sonible plugins are currently very cheap, even in a package, so it would definitely be worth investing in, but if the plugins run with such restrictions, it doesn’t make any sense either. maybe someone already has a solution ready I look forward to further answers

What did Sonible say when you asked them?

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