Something changed and I can't seem to export

Hi there, 1st time posting. I hope I do it right :slight_smile:

Can anyone advise me on the following:

I’ve been digitizing my album collection slowly (but surely). A couple of weeks ago something changed. I’d been exporting in AAC format and that works fine for me in iTunes. I can access my music in all my devices, vehicles etc… I didn’t notice but the export changed to wav files and I can’t use those. I think there must have been an update or something. I’m going to see if I can convert the files from wav to AAC but my question here is "how do I get this back to exporting to AAC from Audacity? There is no option that I can find. I’m on version 2.1.0

Many thanks

AAC export requires that FFmpeg is installed …

AAC export requires FFmpeg is installed

FFmpeg 2.2.2 Binary for Windows, compatible with Audacity 2.0.6 and later (please update, or use v0.6.2 below)
ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe - (SHA256 SUM here)

Thanks for the reply. I do have that installed but I don’t get the options you have in your screenshot and I have been able to export as AAC files for years until a few weeks ago. Any thoughts? Thanks

Just to make sure, go to Edit → Preferences → Libraries, and you should see something like “FFmpeg Library Versions F(59,16,100)…”

Go to Edit → Preferences → Modules and make sure mod-ffmpeg is enabled. (Make sure everything is enabled.)

(fwiw, the modules thing wouldn’t be a thing on 2.1.0)


Thanks I’ve attached a snip of the preferences but it looks to me like it says I have them?

:slight_smile: must have done something with the library preferences, they seem to have connected and I now have the export options I needed. Thanks for the help guys. And I also found that itunes can convert wav to AAC so I’m content :slight_smile:

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