some thecnical help

Hallo my friends I am new with audacity and would like to get some thecnical help.

1.when I mark a part in order to silence it and then go to effect noise reduction I don’t get the option to press on “get noise profile” instead it is written in step 1 that I need to mark the wanted part I want to remove even though I marked it.

2.when i slow down the time in order to edit the sound is been distorted and even when i bring it back to the original time it’s still distorted.

3.i would like to get a link for a tutorial that exalins how to get rid of unwanted sounds(not in the background but part of the wanted sound)

thanks for the support :slight_smile:

If you want to silence a selection, select/highlight the part you want to silence, then Generate → Silence.

If you want to cut-out a selection (making the file shorter), Edit → Delete, or just hit the Del key on your keyboard.

Changing the speed can be “destructive” and it’s destructive to change it back. The [u]Transcription Toolbar[/u] will change the speed just for listening only without touching the actual file (but the pitch & tempo will change together).

The Spectrogram view may help you “find” defects. Click the little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform and select Spectrogram.