Some kind of problem with clip. Moving, pasting, crossfade

Ubuntu 22.04.1
Audacity 3.1.3

I’m getting an error that there’s not enough room to paste a clip.
And then Crossfade between 2 clips says more than 2 clips are selected.
Then when I try dragging one of the clips left or right, it is stuck in place, or glitches and appears as only left or right channel or part of it freezes in place while another part can move.

Also noticing in Spectral view, when I do manage to use Crossfade, the portion I didn’t highlight changes a little.

I’ve been able to just make the section I want to paste to replace into a new Clip, and then paste over that. But then as I’m saying, it still would have trouble doing crossfade, error, and the glitchy things like half the clip or one channel or freezing in place.
Somehow after zooming in, now it let me do Crossfade between the clips. But then when I crossfade some other part, it actually slightly changes something I didn’t highlight.

There’s a default setting that has been changed in recent versions of Audacity:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Track Behaviors > Editing a clip can move other clips”

Previously that setting was enabled by default, but now it is disabled by default, so you will need to enable it.

The current version of Audacity is 3.2.4. You can get it here:
This version has fixes for some bugs that were in 3.1.3.

I did try moving the other clips to make room, but as I was saying there was also some glitchy problems and even the clip would get stuck in place and unable to move it.

But I can also try enabling this setting