Some effect tips for a new user/editor please

Hi all!

Firstly, audacity is a great application. So i tried out the 1.2.6v last week. My aim for using the software is to get an existing song, remove the vocals so the background music remains, then sing into a mic and mix with the music.

I had no problems doing that, although i used windows sound recorder to sing into before importing the clips into audacity. Not sure why i went down this route, but i suppose i’d get the same recording performance if i was to record directly into audacity?

So to the point, i’m looking for some general tips to when it comes to voice processing/effects. What are some of the basic things i should do, such a noise/pop removal… anything else?

Regarding effects, i’m looking for ways to make the voice not seem flat. Something like what this user has done [see 1st post]: How can i achieve something like that anyone?

Finally, another effect i’m after is like a radio effect on background vocals…? any tips on trying to replicate that result?

Many thanks!

Free chorus effect …

Radio (or telephone) can be simulated by a narrow band pass filter which removes frequencies above 5000Hz and below 200Hz (approximate values)
This can be done using Audacity’s equalisation filter.

Excellent. Thanks for the help Trebor, almost done with my first track!!

Quick question, does anyone know how to lower the bass level in a vocal track?


Use the equalizer to cut the bass frequencies (those below 200Hz) …