[SOLVED] why am I always getting low recording levels

Been trying for hours, but cannot seem to get my recording levels up, even if I move the slider to 90+% it still barely registers (hardly more than 48 on the meter).
Running version 3.2.4
I’m testing recording from a cassette deck, thru a Sansui 7000 receiver (with an EQ, on or off, makes no change).
I have the project rates the same - 16bit/44100.
Medium quality sample rate conversion.

MME or windows directsound host, makes no change.
(cannot use WASAPI, always get the -9997 error code)
Any thoughts? anyone?

Do you have a desktop computer with a regular soundcard? And are you connected to line-in on the soundcard? That should work as long as you select line-in as your recording input.

If you have a laptop with no line-in you can connect to the mic-input but then the signal is too-loud and it’s mono and just “wrong” for a line-level tape output.

If you have a newer laptop with a mic/headphone combo jack (no separate mic-input) it takes a special 4-contact TRRS plug to make the microphone contact (and it’s still “wrong”) but you might be picking-up some “leakage” to get a weak signal.

If you don’t have line-in you’ll need a USB interface with line-inputs. [u]This page[/u] has a couple of suggestions.

thru a Sansui 7000 receiver

What output are you using? Tape-out or Record-out should be OK, and that’s usually just the selected input (presumably tape-in) passed-through so it bypasses the volume control and any EQ, etc.

I am using a desktop, with the line-in.
and its selected as such in AUD.
I am using the aux output on the 7000. I will see if there’s another connection that will work…(tape out may not be an option as I do have an EQ hooked up thru the tape loop )…

Is the headphone out jack reliable?

Is the headphone out jack reliable?

Yes. A headphone signal is about the same as line-level except it has the capability to drive a lower impedance load, and it always has a volume control. And of course, you’ll also get EQ, etc. If your receiver has a “loudness compensation” switch you should it off. As you may know, it boosts the bass a variable amount depending on the volume control setting.

The cassette deck should also work directly into the soundcard. Since I assume you can hear the cassette playing through your stereo, you know that’s good.

I am using a desktop, with the line-in.
and its selected as such in AUD

I don’t know what “AUD” is…

Windows has a [u]Listen to This Device[/u] which can help tell you if the signal is getting-into the computer. It should work without Audacity or any application running.

There are also some [u]security settings[/u] that can block the audio inputs.

AUD is my acronym for Audacity. Sorry.

Thanks for helping BTW, as I stumble thru my connections :smiley:

Feeling humbled.
My rookie mistake? : I had the line-in to the PC coming from the AUX input on the 7000.
That was a carryover from a previous hookup and I mistakenly used the cable to provide line in signal. So bad.

On the bright side, I instead used a 1/4 x 1/8 cable adaptor to route from the receiver headphone jack to the PC.
Record levels now work fine, and I’m able to get underway, digitizing my cassettes.
FYI: I did end up using MME as host, 44100 rate/16 bit settings, and all the other settings were AUD default.
Big Thanks to DVDdoug for helping me get my helmet on straight.