[SOLVED] Flat Line (no signal)

Finally found why I was getting no signal. It was the Loopback setting. Should’ve listened to the first guy that replied to my post.I’ll file this under"Duh"

I don’t quite understand why loopback is needed since the recording is internal . That’s cool though. Beats the Hell out of the Reaper Nightmare!

Windows does not provide any way to route the sound from one app to another, so it is not possible to just tell Audacity to record the output from another app.

(There are some third party apps that provide that feature, such as Steinberg’s “Rewire”, or “Virtual Audio Cable”, or “VB-CABLE”)

Windows does provide a way to record the sound card’s output (entirely in the digital domain). It does this by looping the audio data from the sound card output stream to the sound card’s input. This “loopback” feature is provided by a Windows feature called the “Windows Audio Session API” (WASAPI).