(solved) can see waveform but not hear audio

Suddenly in the middle of my recorded interview, I can no longer hear audio although the waveform continues as before. Please tell me there is an easy fix! This needs to be ready to go on air today, asap.

I found the answer to my question seeing a waveform but having parts with no audio on http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/File_Management_Tips#Avoiding_loss_of_project_audio_due_to_missing_dependent_file

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Glad you’ve found the answer.

I can’t believe I have made the same mistake twice–and this time I can’t find my way out.

The original raw data is all on flashdrive (from my camera; it happened to fit in the production studio computer and it was the only spare drive I had on me).

I put the flash drive with interview (files include .aud, .pk, and wmpinfo) into my home computer, dragged them into a folder on my computer, and started editing. First few saves, all was well. Three and a half hours into the process, suddenly no audio.

I open .aup on my computer and find aliasfile path still referring to flash drive. I must be very close to being able to save the situation but I am stuck. If I replace the .aud file on my computer with the .aud file from my flashdrive, will I lose 3.5 hours of work and have to start over? How do I redirect the computer to find the file I have been working on?

Assuming that the original files are still on your flash drive, copy the entire flash drive to your computer hard drive into a new folder so that you have a back-up copy.

You should not be doing anything with .AUD files. The Audacity Project file has the extension .AUP.
If you open the AUP file in a text editor you will see references to all of the audio data - have a look (without changing the file) where those files are located, and then search on the computer to see if those files actually exist.

If you were saving the project back to the flash drive you may well have filled the flash drive and corrupted the project, so I’m hoping that you’ve not done that.