Solution - Bluetooth Speaker / Headphones distorted (with .wav, .mp3 etc)

I’ve been using Audacity for many years and it is IMH one of the best programs for editing, mastering, tracks or sets etc… A MASSIVE KUDOS TO THE CREATORS for their hard work and for their amazing product <3 <3 <3

I had some issues with ‘JBL Go 3’ Bluetooth speaker (BT ver 5.1), works splendid with all my other music apps or fon - but w my MacBook Pro (2013, Big Sur) and Audacity `"Playback Device’ - it sounds horrror… I found online the tip to ‘Rescan Audio Devices’ under ‘Transport’ menu - but no change.
in the AC preferences ‘Audio Settings’ lowered Sample rate, Format and found the SOLUTION
THE LATENCY (all the way at the bottom).
Default: Buffer length ‘100’ and Latency Compensation ‘-50’
*both values are two low - - - try Buffer Length of ‘300 ms’ and Latency compensation ‘-100 ms’

RESCAN your AUDIO devices and VOILA, Audacity’s sound is crystal clear (BT speaker / headset) like we are all used to!!!

Pix Latency for BT devices

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