Software real time Sequencer

I used to have a Casio Sz1 midi sequencer that would record in real time.
It was very basic but also very easy to use.

What would be an easy to use software equivalent? Preferably standalone as well as vst.

Not Audacity. Audacity isn’t a sequencer and getting Audacity to record a sequencer output can be a challenge — particularly if you’re trying to get the computer to do both. Anything wrong with buying another Casio Sz1?


Hardware sequencers:
Software sequencers:

Thanks koz I don’t want hardware I travel a lot.

The reason I’m asking here steve is because the software sequencers I’ve already found through Google either don’t record in realtime or I find rather complicated. I’m asking for recommendations from personal experience.

I don’t want to use a Daw sequencer for the same reason, other than Audacity I find them all too complex.

I didn’t know it but what I have been looking for is a very rare little beastie in today’s often complex audio software jungle.

to Record Midi from laptop keyboard to Playback Midi (through Soft synth).

Who would have thought such ease could be so difficult to find?

Then I found this thread on kvr at 4am just as I was about to quit.


I like this approach to software very much.

Instead of using a DAW I can run it and a soft synth in instances of Savihost using midi yoke.

A couple of other options (I’ve not tried these - they are results from Google and particularly Sourceforge):

Red Dot Forever (can it be simpler?)

Speedy MIDI (a simple MIDI editor)