Software Playthrough Level Adjustment

Hi there, I am running Ventura and Audacity 3.2.5.
When trying to to internally record Audio with Soundflower as the virtual interface, until Mavericks everything worked just fine and I could during the recording change the playback level sent to the chosen output.
Since Ventura, Software Playthrough works but changes on the output fader don’t manifest only visually in the fader bar, not in the actually volume of the audio coming out of the chosen output.
Any thoughts on that?

Best :raising_hand_man:

As far as I know Soundflower is not supported on macOS Ventura.

Well, the input and output routing via Soundfower works just fine in my case!

The routing works but the volume control doesn’t work after upgrading to Ventura? Sounds like Ventura broke something in Soundflower.

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