Software Playthrough, how to change the delay or latency.

So while troubleshooting and fixing a previous problem I found something kinda interesting. The Software playthrough listen while recording or monitoring new track. I could really like this feature but, it seems to have a longer then normal delay so it sounds like im kinda stuttering instead of following myself. Anyway to change the delay or latency something to change the delay time? Thanks, Shawn.

There is no way to adjust or compensate for the playthrough delay. Most of this is out of Audacity’s control and has to do with buffering audio within the computer operating system.

– Bill

Is there anyway to change it within my laptop control panel?

Not that I know of. What operating system and version of Audacity are you using?

– Bill

windows 7 and version 1.3

The version number needs to be 3 numbers, for example “1.3.10”
Look in “Help > About Audacity” for the full version number.

Many people do this with an external mixer or fancy microphone both of which let you monitor the live performance (your voice) while it’s still analog to get rid of the digital delays. That lets you hear yourself in real time or really, really, close to it.

Any time the computer has to stop and think about a process, it gets late. The timing of the playback of the old track to your live new one is an adjustment in Audacity 1.3. That one we can control because we can control when the old show starts. If your computer has a 1/10 second delay, we start the playback 1/10 second before it’s needed. By the time you hear it, it’s in perfect time.