Software for iMac Mac OS X for Maginon USB Cassette Converte

Hi, I have purchased a Maginon USB Cassette Converter some months back from Aldi. I haven’t had any time to open it or try it out converting cassettes to mp3.
Ive just attempted to set it up though noticed that the Software CD that came with it is only for Windows pcs. Is there software available for iMac for me to download??

Put batteries in the player, as it doesn’t seem to work on USB power. Then plug it in, turn it on and see if it shows in System settings/Sound.

If it doesn’t show, it’s probably a Windows only device. If it shows, it should show up in Audacity too…

The software is probably Audacity or some other audio editor.

The current Audacity 2.1.3 version can be downloaded from


Thanks for the download link. :slight_smile: