Soft Blue Waveform Remastering Tools

Greetings, Here I am at the Remastering Process, I Have Noticed while Compressor and Limiter the Peaks change their form However I would like to know if there is a Tool to Change a bit the Waveform Peaks from the center almost White if it is Possible, I dont know if the Waveform from the center gives better remastering than those that are Outside that are Dark Blue, but Recently Downloaded a file from the same Title I had one Remastered and the other not so I Realized that while Audacity almost expands the Waveform at Remastering the other file had a bit different the Peaks from the Center not in some lines and phases were exactly the same, how can I make this Automatically, I´ve tried with the compressor, Limiter even with the EQ and the only things that changes is the Dark Blue Peak outside Please help me, Give Me Ideas Thanks

The light-blue area in Audacity waveform is the RMS amplitude, the dark-blue envelope is the peak amplitude.
If you normalize based on RMS, rather than on peak values,
the volume will be more consistent from one project to the next.

There is an Audacity plugin to “RMS normalize” here , (that plugin needs Audacity version 2.1.3 or later).

Thanks this tool is like a Full Remaster Key however if I just use this tool fits almost to that file but if I chain it with Limiter or Compressor its more Complex. And on the sound Im looking for Energy transparent clear. I dont like the result form the Pages that I Posted before because I feel that they add much Bass on the Equalizer or Perhaps Both Highs and Lows.