So this plugin ain't gonna work

So this plugin doesn’t wanna work with audacity. I tried to make it work in every way possible and it just says that it hasnt found libraries or something like that. There’s no frickin way of enabling this plugin and I’m starting to get a bit mad with the plugin. I tried with every format ever, it just won’t enable.
Please help.

It’s VST3 plugin, so can only work in the latest versions os Audcaity.

IEM’s free encoder plugins are similar …
IEM Plug-in Suite Room
IEM Plug-in Suite Stereo
and work in Audcaity3

I’ve got the most recent version :confused:

Have you got a compatible Operating System, see ? …

Technically, it’s up to the plug-in developer to make it compatible with various hosts. Most commercial plug-ins have a list of officially supported hosts. (Some will work even though they don’t officially support Audacity.)

Most commercial plug-ins don’t officially support Audacity and I always assume that’s because most Audacity users don’t buy plug-ins.

With free plug-ins it’s usually hit-or-miss because they don’t have the budget or staff to test & debug with all of the popular DAWs and audio editors.

Yes, my computer is completely capable of running it. I can use an older version, but the old one has been discontinued because of several noises it produces. That’s why I want this plug-in in audacity.

Not sure if you have got the plugin working?

The dearVR MICRO installer puts the VTS 3 file deeper than necessary.

Find your dearVR MICRO.vst3
Which should be here C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

You will find the file inside more folders inside the VST3 folder, move the dearVR MICRO.vst3 file so its actually in the /VST3 folder.

You will then be able to enable in Audacity.


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Ok. Here is what you need to do. I just got mine to work. SORT OF… I can’t get it to record my changes to the track I did with dearVR MICRO.

First, SIMON2 was EXACTLY Correct! I did what he said. But when I went to run it, I still could not get it to work the way I thought it would, so I provided a step by step to how I got it to work after downloading it. I hope it helps.

  • Step One: Find the VST File. Program Files >> Common Files >> VST3 (Folder) >> open the next few folders (I already deleted those folders so I can’t tell you what they were) >> dearVR MICRO.vst3 (FILE)
  • Step Two: Copy it (place on desktop for safe keeping)
  • Step Three: Delete ALL folders AFTER VST3 (Folder).
  • Step Four: Open VST3 FOLDER and paste dearVR MICRO.vst3
  • Step Five: Close (if already open) Audacity and restart Audacity
  • Step Six: Verify that Audacity can finally find it (It will not work yet however) Go to EFFECT tab and it should show up at the bottom under a line , but you will NOT open it from there… doing so gives controls over to the plugin and you can’t play anything from there.

Then go to AUDIO SETUP and change the HOST to a different one. I used Windows Direct Sound
I also had to change the Playback device to Headphones as it defaulted to speakers even if headphones were plugged in.

To actually use it, you will need to click on the EFFECT Button to the LEFT of your track and ADD it there.
Hit EFFECT button >> Drop down to VST3, >> choose DearVR MICRO.
This should generate the plugin showing on a button. Make sure the “power” button is blue, then click on the dear VR Micro “button” and it should bring it up… from there you can begin using it.

I isn’t as good as I thought it would be, but it is SOOOOO much easier than using the envelope tools and things like that. But I think with some practice it will work well for what I am trying to accomplish.

Now it works, but I can’t get it to record my changes! UGH!

Good luck!