Snowball Snowball USB Mic - XP / Latency Issues

I got a blue snowball microphone (USB) and had 2 problems.

On XP, I can get it recognized and record stuff (I use Acid Pro) but while I am recording (with headphones) I dont hear anything in the head phones. Where do I change these settings?

2nd problem,

On vista, I found a setting to ‘listen through this device’ which when I selected allowed me to hear myself in the headphones but there was a lag of probably a second which I am going to be recording over music and that is very distracting and makes it worthless to me.

I was hoping maybe it wouldnt lag on XP but I cant even get it set up so I can hear myself in the headphones,

any help would be appreciated…

I don’t know anything about Acid, but in Audacity Preferences, select “Play tracks while recording new ones” and “Hardware Playthrough.” Restart Audacity.

If you still can’t hear your own live voice, you may need Software Playthrough. That always works, but the delay is even worse.

In Audacity 1.3, you can tune out the actual latency. That’s only one of the three delays. Hearing yourself late isn’t latency. That’s computer delay and it’s built in. Last is where your duet matches at the top of the performance but not the end. That one usually responds to a new sound card.

Not all computer can be made into digital audio workstations.