Snapping to silence when inserting regular interval labels.

I need to split a long audio material, that is a voice recording, into about 10 minute parts. I do not like to have any word cut in the middle so I expect the splitting function to look for the silence and split the track in this place.
Does anyone have an experience with such a splitting? I would be grateful for any suggestion.


I hope this plugin will work for you:
AlbumGapMarker.ny (5.55 KB)
Put it in your plugin folder and restart audacity.

As the name implies, it is actually for music albums (or alba?).
However, It works as well for your purpose:
Set the minimum length to detect to 0.1 seconds.
set the seconds before a new label is allowed to about 600 (= 10 minutes).
Change the threshold upwards (direction zero) if it returns labels much more apart than 10 min.
It supports no numbers after the label text, you have to write them yourself, if you don’t mind.
I can add them though, if you really need them.

I’ve just tested it on a 4 hour audio book and it worked perfectly well.


I was applying this plug-in for the same purpose as in the original post, and it only worked properly for me when I chose “range” for the “Mark Gap…” dropdown.

But, when I chose “center” the labels were clearly not in the right place – often times in places that were not silences. When I chose “centroid” it worked much better, although sometimes the labels were not even close to the midpoint of the silence.

Not complaining, just noting my experience with it. Worked great otherwise. I just converted the “range” label track into what I needed.