Snap-to-grid && Select Multiple Points (Envelope tool)

First off, THANKS DEVELOPERS! I am grateful for all you do to make Audacity better with every passing version!

In Envelope Tool currently you set two “control points” the First holds a straight envelope.
If you slide the second control point to the right an down a bit.
THEN near the end, you create two more control points.

—+_ +_++

Now the LAST point you want to bring up to MATCH same level as the first control point.

FEATURE 1: Allow clicking 4th ‘+’ and move it up. When holding SHIFT KEY and moving the point up, the point eventually intersecting the vertical line (first control point), have a dotted line between the points that are intersected (and letting go of mouse before letting go of SHIFT key will ensure 1 and 4 point are same and set point #4 position to point #1 position) or if point 4 intersects position of point 1, 2, 3 then have it also snap shoig theya re level (if shift key is pressed).

Now that the 1st and 4th control points (envelope tool) are exact level lets say the middle is too quiet.

—+_ +__+/+

would it be ok it add feature that will allow us to select 2nd point, hold SHIFT key and select 3rd point (or multiple points in any position). Then with both points selected, click and drag-up will move the selected points (middle 2 points up) to increase volume envelope between points 2 &3 (so the same-level is maintained between both points).

—+_ (+)__(+)/+

–+_ (+)___/(+)_/+
(bracketed above is selected points).

Hope this was explained clearly. I know that the last few projects I wish I could select-multiple points and snap-end-point to match the first (to resume a faded sound back to the original level).