Snap crackle pop


Would you have a listen this raw WAV file please. There is a second of clear room tone which is what I get in my recording space and then a bit of dialogue. As soon as the dialogue begins an underlying crackle and pop starts. Can you suggest what this might be and a possible cure please? I am part way through an audio book recording and this is pretty well always present. My mic, computer and audio interface are all close to each other if that’s a factor.

The Audacity mastering suite has been applied to chapters submitted to ACX so far with the 666 noise reduction applied also. This deals with many of the above but not all so I paste room tone over the worst bits and have applied a de-clicker as well. The audio analysis feature now on the ACX project site tells me there are no technical issues with my uploaded files that have had the above treatment.

I’d rather not have to use the de-clicker at all if possible so am wondering if there is another solution.

Many thanks

Macbook Pro
Rode NT2A mic
Audient ID14

Sounds like wet mouth noises, rather than an electronic problem.
De-Clicker is the solution, (store-bought declicker plugins are quicker).

Thanks for that. I thought it was electronic but I the clicks are not always there so agree it’s most likely wet mouth.

Thanks again