Snap/click/pop sounds

Thanks for this wonderful recording software! I volunteer with Librivox and have recorded almost 600 chapters. Rarely, and at random as far as I can tell, I get what has been described by proof listeners as a “click”, “pop”, or “snap” which isn’t background noise. PLers have been varying suggestions, all of which I’ve tried. Just today I had a couple of times in the chapter when the sound appears. I don’t know what to try next.

Any possible suggestions related to the software?

Thanks, Deon

I had that in my test voice recordings. It sounds exactly like shuffling across the carpet quickly and touching the microphone on a cold, crisp day.

The development people have a thing they call “Moon-Phase Error.” Sometimes, when the humidity is just right and the moon is on the waning quarter…Blammo! And then nothing for another 28 days—assuming the humidity is right. Those are just the most fun to fix.

This is more frequent than that, but same thing. No discernible cause or condition. It just snaps in the middle of a performance.


I knew it had to be something scientific and high tech. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you. It won’t get here for another 4 hours or so.

That’s not to say we haven’t taken stabs at it. Macs have a thing called AppNap and it’s good to tell the machine not to try and save battery while you’re recording. That can create little noises in the show.

Audio (and video) recording are unusual in that there are no “holes.” The work is continuous. No naps.

Does Windows have anything like that?


Possibly some other software running at the same time interrupting Audacity for a millisecond.
You could try giving Audacity higher CPU-priority so it’s less likely to be interrupted …